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Human Touch Opus Massage Chair

The Human Touch Opus 3 d massage chair zero gravity recliner heat foot rollers is a top surrogate to get your body and mind massage! With three movement options and a comfortable weighting, Human Touch ht Opus massage chair is top-grade for an admirer scouring for a relaxing massage, the chair also includes a built in speaker system for communication and is backed by a limited warranty.

Human Touch Opus Massage Chair Walmart

This amazing massage chair from Human Touch Opus is top-rated for lovers who yearn to feel Human Touch and feel the comfort and power of massage, the zero gravity environment of the chair gives you a real sense of and the heat foot rollers help to relieve tension and encourage relaxation. This chair is excellent for individuals who wish for to: feel Human touch, feel power, and feel relaxation, this is an unique Human Touch massage chair that renders a handheld remote control hand controller. It is hand-held and offers a small gentle menacing design on one end, that can be used to massage, the other end imparts a small, large and two small that can be used as a relief massage. The chair is designed to be used in single or group massage techniques, this chair is sensational for a Human Touch massage. It is designed in to produce a zero gravity environment which makes it terrific for reducing inflammation and pain, the chair also features two rollers to help reduce inflammation and pain. This amazing chair imparts a zero gravity feature that makes it comfortable for all types of body types, the chair extends a heat foot roller system that helps to soothe and relax the body. The chair is moreover made to support an 3 d massage session.